Benefits of a Morning Sun

Are you a morning person?

One of the best things I learned in the real estate business when buying a property is to determine the orientation of the property, be it a vacant lot, house, townhouse or a condominium unit.

How do you determine the property’s orientation? Simply by looking for the compass points in a vicinity or location map provided by the seller or developer. Depending on the seller’s presentation, it is usually a diagram that has an arrow pointing upward or a line showing the direction of the North, South, East and West orientation.

They say that a property facing South East is the one facing morning sun. This means that every morning, the sun shines directly on the front of your house or property. Fortunately, my house is facing south east and so I benefit greatly from the morning sun.

So every morning, I bask in the sun at the balcony of my house while reading the Bible or any book or just simply relaxing or praying before I start my day. For at least 15 to 30 minutes, I get to enjoy free vitamin D. Best time to do this is between 7am to 9am (time depends on when the sun rises).

Do you know what Vitamin D can do for you?*  vitamin DIt protects you from

1. brittle bones
2. hypertension
3. heart attacks
4. strokes
5. diabetes
6. certain cancers and
7. perks your memory and it can also help infection-prone patients avoid Respiratory Tract Infection

So when considering a property, make sure to find out if it’s facing South East.

Get that gloom out of your face. Morning sun is indeed good for the health.

Source: *

Photo credits: Truth Beckons FB Page


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