Diabetes runs in the family from my mother side. Fortunately, I’m not yet a member of the club in spite of my sweet tooth. It is common thinking that when there is a diabetic in the family, it follows that every member is at risk or prone to have more chances of being diabetic compared to families who don’t have any history of diabetes. How true is this?

My mother is Type 2 Diabetic. Simply put, Type 1 Diabetes is called “childhood onset”, meaning that the individual contracted the disease in childhood or was born with the condition. Type 2 is called “adult onset”, meaning that the individual did not have the disease in the past but contracted the diabetes later in life. (Source: Wikipedia)

Recently, a friend I look up to when it comes to proper health maintenance told me that Type II Diabetes can be prevented and is manageable. What she is basically saying is this : It’s all about our lifestyle. Therefore, she encouraged me that even if diabetes “runs” in my family, it doesn’t necessarily have to apply to me because she strongly believes that it is not inherited. It just became a pattern that the offspring also becomes diabetic because of the lifestyle habit of the family in terms of food choices and eating habits.

That is why any literature I can get to ward off diabetes, I take notes. Here are a couple of preventive approaches that I consciously try to practice and take note of:

Eat these 3 Foods for better Blood Sugar:

  1. Spinach
  2. Almonds
  3. Black Beans

7 Warning Signs of Diabetes

  1. You’re overweight.
  2. Frequent bathroom.
  3. Blurry vision.
  4. Losing weight for no reason.
  5. Dark ring around your neck.
  6. Frequent yeast infection (applicable to women).
  7. 45 or older.

You will never know what sickness or disease will hit you as you grow older but I believe the key to a healthy living is to eat everything in moderation, make sure to exercise on a regular basis, get an annual medical checkup and consult a doctor for preventive measure.

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