Our AXA GHA Healthscreen Experience

If you have health insurance and it comes free with a yearly annual check-up, basic or executive, take advantage of it.

Use it yearly when you renew your health insurance or HMO so you can monitor your health conditions. Sometimes, you thought everything is within normal levels only to find out that some are bordering or over the normal levels.

In view of the current health crisis, we decided to get a health insurance plan from AXA. It is touted to be the best in class worldwide health solution. We already have a local HMO but we believe that it does not provide enough coverage in terms of claims in view of the ongoing health crisis.

We are grateful to God for His protection over us and granting us good health but still, we have to be prudent.

I & my wife both agreed a few months before to have our Annual Executive Check-up (ECU) this year since the plan that we got gives a free Healthscreen benefit of up to P12,000 every year.

Finally, early this month (November 2021), I consulted our preferred doctor via chat and email.

I requested a list of tests to be done (applicable only if you will reimburse later).

Later on, I found out this is not necessary if you will select a Healthscreen package from your preferred clinic.

So I called the AXA GHA Hotline, (02) 8581 5207.

The response was fast. I was next in line and before I know it, someone is already attending to me (30 seconds).

I was asked the following info first for verification.

So, get ready with the following:

a. Full name.

b. Policy no.

c. Date of Birth

d. Address

e. Contact no.

After the call, AXA GHA Claims Team emailed me a list of ECU packages that I mentioned (those that are near my location)

a. The Medical City clinic at Light Mall Residences.

b. Hi-Precision Plus, Power Plant.

c. Healthway, Shangrila Mall.

Then, I reviewed the ECU packages.

Finally, we chose the ECU Package of HP-Precision because the amount is within our GHA Healthscreen Benefit of P12,000 a year and I find that it is the most complete or comprehensive in terms of blood tests, including X-Ray & ECG. I checked it against every test that was required by our doctor and most of them are included in the ECU package of Hi-Precision.

Some clinics like Hi-Precision will offer Home Services but you have to coordinate with the AXA Claims Team what will be covered to manage expectations. Also, there is also some limitation in having home services since not all tests can be included in the home service package.

You need to schedule your ECU at least two (2) weeks before and give 3 schedules for them to work on. If the 1st date is available, then you will be confirmed on the 1st date. We decided to have our ECU tests done in Hi-Precision Plus, Power Plant branch. We set our ECU date on November 25, 2021. Fasting is required because of the tests that we will have.

You will receive a confirmation from AXA and a Letter of Authority from AVEGA after you have confirmed your chosen ECU package. Print this LOA and bring it on the day of your ECU date.

The day before the appointment, I called up AVEGA, the service provider partner of AXA Philippines, and Hi-Precision, Power Plant branch, to no avail. No one is answering so I called GHA Hotline to ensure that our appointment is confirmed. Again, quick response from the GHA Claims Team. I was assured that it was confirmed.

On the day of our ECU, we left the house at 7am and got in the clinic before 730am.

It took us 2 hours to finish all our ECU: blood works, ECG & X-Ray.

The following day, we were able to access the results online via Hi-Precision app.

Thank God for the results as they are manageable considering that we are in our mid-50s. Truly, God is good!

We just have to consult our doctor on what needs to be done to lower some levels but those are borderline levels that can still be improved.

We are grateful that we have this health insurance plan from AXA.

This is one of the free benefits of having a GHA plan.

My rating based on user experience? Relative ease of availing our Healthscreen Benefit.

Do you already have a health insurance plan?

If none yet, be sure to have one for peace of mind.

The AXA Global Health Access (GHA) has the following features:

  1. Yearly coverage of P100 Million.
  2. Acceptance age is from 15 days old up to 70 years old. Once accepted, the plan is renewable up to age 99.
  3. Area of Coverage: Worldwide.
  4. Choose your own doctor & hospital.
  5. Covers covid-19 and future pandemics.

Interested? Got questions? Send me a private message.

Ronnie Reyes.
AXA Financial Advisor.

stayhealthy #HealthIsWealth #GlobalHealthAccess #AXA #walkthetalk


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