The benefit of having a prepaid health card

EReady Advance Titanium

This is the picture of one of Maxicare’s Emergency Prepaid cards.

It is called a Titanium card because it has no access to the 6 major hospitals in Metro Manila like Makati Med, the 2 St. Luke’s, Cardinal Santos, Medical City, and Asian hospital. (note: We also have another variant that has access to the 6 major hospitals in Metro Manila).

So, this is very practical for Filipinos living outside of Metro Manila since they don’t have any use for the 6 major hospitals. Very ideal for those living in the province since Maxicare has a nationwide network of accredited hospitals.

Recently, one of our clients bought this Titanium card for emergency purposes since it can cover emergency cases up to P50,000 at pag kelangan i confine at may natitira pa sa P50,000, pwede din ma confine. Basta sa ER ang unang punta at ang titingin ay accredited doctor ni Maxicare. (Translation: if the ER case requires confinement and the P50,000 benefit is not used up yet, the member may still be able to maximize the benefit if confinement is necessary as long as the member goes first to the ER and an accredited Maxicare doctor will attend to him).

A few days passed, however, this client got the covid virus and was rushed to a public hospital in the province. However, this client died due to cardiac arrest so hindi rin nagamit yung emergency card because he went to a non-accredited hospital. (Translation: he was not able to use the card for emergency coverage since he went to a non-accredited hospital).

But wait. Kahit hindi nagamit yung emergency coverage, the family of the deceased client will get to receive a life insurance benefit in the amount of P50,000. (Translation: Even if the client was not able to use the emergency benefit of P50,000, he still has a life insurance benefit that he can pass on to his family in case of untimely death).

For the price of only P2,950 a year, you have an emergency coverage of P50,000 that includes confinement if necessary and if during the one-year validity period, the member dies, he also has a life insurance benefit of P50,000.

This is what we do to help our countrymen: to help them prepare for unexpected events like emergencies since you do not know when an emergency will happen.

As the year is about to end, what are your priorities in the year 2022?

Have you considered getting healthcare or insurance coverage for yourself and your family?

It pays to be prepared.

The prudent see danger and take cover…. Proverbs 22:3a.

Interested? Got questions? Send me a private message.

Ronnie Reyes

Maxicare Agency Unit Manager

0917 796 2530

#prudent #emergency #healthcoverage


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