Life Insurance Thrives in the Midst of the Pandemic

Congratulations to AXA Philippines for making it to the Top 2 Life Insurance company in the Philippines for the year 2020 based on Premium Income.

Premium income is any money received by an individual or business as part or all of a premium payment. (source: Investopedia).

2020 was a tough year because of the pandemic but life insurance sales thrived as many Filipinos sought peace of mind by buying income protection and health coverage for their families and many Filipinos also grabbed the opportunity to invest when the market was 3 to 4x lower than its usual levels, knowing that when the pandemic is over, their investments would reap profits once the economy rebounds from this.

As a Financial Advisor of this global financial giant, I can say that I am proud to be part of the AXA Philippines Agency Force. Through AXA Philippines, I have helped many of my clients earn profits from their investments and guided them to prepare for the unexpected by getting health insurance protection through our best selling health insurance products. 





source: Insurance Commission of the Philippines

Contact Ronnie Reyes to discuss your Financial Planning requirements (health insurance, investments, income protection, life insurance). He may be reached at or +63917 796 2530 (viber and whatsapp).


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