Making a difference

Last month, a student sent me a private message asking if she could rent the studio that I advertised since it is near the Review Center where she is preparing for the Medical Board Exams. However, she only needs it for one (1) month.

I talked to the owner if he could give consideration to this student while we are waiting for a prospective buyer for his condo unit.

This kind owner graciously agreed to accommodate this aspiring doctor.

Fast forward to today, I met the aspiring doctor early morning because it was her move-out day and she has to catch her flight to go back to her hometown in Zamboanga. She was very happy and grateful that she was given the chance to have a place to study and prepare for the Medical Board exam in her hometown. She said that the place was conducive for studying – because the air flows freely since the unit is a corner unit (2 windows on each side) and is a very peaceful and quiet place.

Godspeed on your medical journey, Ms. A! 






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