Dealing with the oil price hike

I remember, kinalakihan ko na ito (I have outgrown this). Every time tumataas ang presyo ng gasolina (every time the price of gas increases), domino effect ang nangyayari (the hike in prices of goods and services is triggered by a domino-effect starting with the oil price hike), meaning the prices of goods and services go up.

So how do you deal with the rising prices of goods and services?

Cost-cutting? You mean, you will unsubscribe from your Netflix? No more Starbucks coffee? I don’t think so.

Cutting costs will not significantly change or alter your life. It will not make an impact but instead, you will just downgrade the life that you are currently enjoying.

Hey, you only have one life to live. Cutting costs is not the solution.

How about increasing your income?

If you have a fixed income like you have a 9 to 5 job, consider a side-hustle.

In the Agency that we manage in Maxicare, the no. 1 HMO company in the Philippines today, some of our Top Producers are working full-time, and yet, they manage to be one of our Top Producers.

Para-paraan lang yan. (Some are creative in finding ways to succeed in this business). Maybe, it’s the WHY that drives them. Maybe, they focus more on the side-hustle. They learn and acquire knowledge and they do the most important part which is prospecting.
From prospecting, they were able to identify the needs of their clients and convert it into a sale.

Aside from finding an opportunity to create income, people also invest their money. Now, here’s the thing on investment. Nothing is guaranteed in investments. But it’s always better than just saving it. Just saving, guarantees that your money will just be taxed by inflation. Interested? Let’s talk.

So, before the gas price shoots up to P100/liter, you have two (2) options. Invest your hard-earned money or why not consider joining our Branch in Maxicare?

Be a part of our dynamic team and let us help you create more income.

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