How Teleconsultation saved our day

Since the pandemic started, the last place you want to go to is the hospital.

The past few days were very stressful for us because of last-minute errands that we had to finish.

It took a toll on our physical bodies so that on midnight (12:00am) of December 30, we had an emergency situation at home and I had to resort to the teleconsultation feature of our AXA health insurance plan, Global Health Access (GHA). I never really thought about it but I asked for wisdom on what to do just to avoid going to the hospital if possible.

First, I tried to get it from my AXA Emma app but realized I need to download the MyPocketDoctor app. This comes free with our Global Health Insurance plan so it was just timely I can access it 24/7.

Teleconsulation service feature of Global Health Access (AXA)

After installing the MyPocketDoctor app, I filled out the registration form and requested teleconsultation. I provided all info that was asked in the consultation details. I requested it 3 times but I was not receiving any response.

After 30 minutes, a nurse called my mobile and asked for the details of the illness. I learned that I should have registered my wife’s name because it was my wife (who was my co-insured in the plan) who needs it. No problem, the nurse was friendly enough to change the registration details to my wife’s name. Then she advised me that the information I provided will be assessed and evaluated by the attending doctor and that I should wait for the doctor to call me. This was already around 12:30am in morning. To me, I will take this anytime over going to the ER.

Around 1am, a doctor called me. He asked if he can talk to my wife so we did a conference call. After some probing, he was already summarizing and giving recommendations on the treatment of the condition. I asked if I could get a pen but I was told that it will be sent in the app as well. How convenient! So, the consultation ended and it was already around 130am. I looked into the app but had to tinker with it since I am not yet familiar until I found the prescription. I printed the prescription but since it is almost 2am, we decided to just rest and sleep.

I woke up at 7am and drove to a 24/7 Mercury drugstore near our place. I was able to buy all the meds that my wife needs.

First, I thank God that it is not related to covid. My wife just had an upset stomach that triggered the fluctuating fever.

We rested the whole day the next day but I got so stressed and tired that today, December 31, 2021, the last day of the year, it’s my turn to seek teleconsultation for my sore throat and mild cough. I’m still thinking through it. Maybe lots of gargle and rest will work as we prepare for the New Year.

The year 2021 was a very challenging year but by God’s grace, we managed to go through and override the challenges.

Grateful and blessed.

I really don’t know how we can pull it off without the Hand of God working in our lives.

To God be the glory!





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