Searching for Stability

I asked a rookie agent who joined our Branch in Maxicare last June why he thought of calling me up.

This agent in his late 30s was tired from hopping from one job to another. And when the pandemic came last year, he lost his job. He claims his last job was his 21st job.

So he thought of calling me and asked if I have any sales position available for him. He figured he wants some stability. Maybe he saw stability in what I do. This year is my 30th year in sales.

Of course, I asked him to join our branch. He submitted all requirements, attended the 2-day accreditation seminar and that’s it. He’s now part of my team.

As his Manager, I coach him. Being coachable is one of the most important parts when you decide on a career like this.

Since sales is a numbers game, he calls 20 companies a day. He gets his fair share of rejections. That’s part of the territory. But with his positive attitude, the sky is the limit for him.


image credit: Johnny Wimbrey #ctto


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