Securing your Health in Pandemic Times

I recently read a post from a highly respected Financial Expert that he decided to secure himself and his family with AXA’s Global Health Access health insurance since as of this writing, it appears that the new COVID variant, Delta, is more lethal and spreads faster.

I have much respect for this Financial guru because he is intelligent and he practices due diligence. He takes care of his health religiously: he goes to the gym regularly based on his posts so he is in tip-top shape. In case you don’t know whom I’m referring to, he is Rienzie Biolena, RFP®, CWM®, AIF®, CFC®, one of the most sought-after Registered Financial Planner in the Philippines. He used to be my Relationship Manager too when he was still with Philam Asset Management, Inc. (PAMI) because I also manage mutual funds for my clients. He also has a YouTube following, educating Filipinos on Personal Finance.

Just like him, I & my wife decided to get a Global Health Insurance plan for ourselves a few months ago for peace of mind and financial security. Yes, we already have a local HMO coverage before we got one from AXA. In times like these, however, where a lot of uncertainties can happen, an added protection for peace of mind and financial security will surely go a long way. 

How about you? What steps have you taken to protect yourself and your family? 

If you are working, ask your HR how much coverage are they giving each employee in case of COVID confinement. Being hospitalized due to covid and its variants is no small thing. It can really wipe out your savings if any.

If you are an HR person reading this, I can offer your company an HMO package with pandemic coverage from a leading HMO company.

Be thankful if you are reading this. You are blessed. For one, maybe you are still healthy and you have work. 

But we cannot afford to be complacent these days.

I believe even after the pandemic, we can no longer afford to be complacent. 

We need to take care of the following:

1. Our finances which include emergency funds, savings, investments, and other loans to manage, if any; 

2. Our insurances which include life, nonlife, health insurance, and HMO;

These are just the basics that we need to look after.

Indeed, just like Rienzie, we, Financial Advisors are not immune. It can happen to us so we are conscious as well and protective of ourselves and our family. #walkthetalk

Indeed, the pandemic is a wake-up call to most of us esp. those who were directly affected. #wakeupcall#pandemicresponse#secureyourfuture#healthinsurance

image: mine. taken when we were still both in PAMI.


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