Traveling in pandemic times

It’s been 3 weeks since I went to one of my favorite places on earth, Boracay.

I spent my birthday week there with my loving wife and family.

I couldn’t wait to travel ‘til the pandemic is over.

Was it worth the risk & trouble?

Oh yes, definitely.

Despite the many health requirements and protocols to follow, the beautiful memories we built will last a lifetime.

Traveling is a good therapy against stress; and traveling is an opportunity to have good bonding moments with the family.

I am just as happy to have our 2 girls join us. The happiness I saw in their faces during our island-hopping activities was well worth the risk.

I’m glad I took the risk of traveling despite the pandemic.

But I travelled fully prepared:

1. We are fully vaxxed;

2. We have a health insurance from AXA that covers covid & its variants;

3. I got us a domestic travel insurance from Starr.

After 5 days, we went home fully recharged.

We are excited to work again. #travel2021#pandemiclife#relaxingtime


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