Time to Invest in Sports that matter

No disrespect to our basketball team and coach Chot (I am one of the basketball-loving Pinoys) but what if the millions spent on basketball were spent on sports or at least evenly distributed on sports where Filipinos have greater chances of winning like weightlifting, chess, boxing, bowling, billiards, gymnastics, track & field, swimming, taekwondo – these are sports where height does not matter.

Imagine, Hidilyn trained on a lackluster budget and support from our POC, and yet, her will and determination paid off.

We have lost the likes of Wesley So, who is now a top GM representing the US.

We have many good Pinoy athletes but even our sports leaders, not to mention our govt., do not know how to take care of them.

Thank you Hidilyn for finally bringing in that elusive gold for our country. #1stGold #tokyoolympics2021 #hidilyndiaz


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