Real Estate Selling in Pandemic Times

Site Inspection before the Lockdown.

Yesterday, I had to go out and see a client who requested to see my inventory of available warehouses in Metro Manila, before the looming lockdown, which starts today, August 6.

Out of curiosity, I asked this client how he had known me as a Real Estate Broker. He said that I am known in our H.S. batch as one of the few Real Estate Brokers in the batch. Sometimes, I am just curious how people found out because I haven’t been posting any real estate activities (not that I don’t have any), but my Brand as a Real Estate Broker has stuck with them, which is favorable to me.

Fortunately, I have a few available in my listing when this client called.

That’s how I have been as a Broker: A Needs-based Broker. When a client reaches out to me for a specific requirement, I try to meet them by digging into my current listing. If it’s not in my portfolio, I just need to go to my network, developers included, and check out their available listings before I meet with my clients.

Warehouse viewing. 8.5.2021

This way, I don’t waste my time in Real Estate as a Broker by being a “product-pusher” which means selling for the sake of earning without even knowing if it’s a need of your client.

I use this same approach in my other core businesses such as dollar investments, health insurance, and HMO products. This is how I have been selling in pandemic times and even in pre-pandemic days.

This has been my training which I have kept and applied to this day:
Get the client’s requirements first and match it according to their needs.

I believe that this is what makes me effective in what I do because when you meet your client’s expectations by matching the product with their requirements, all you have to do is “book it”. It’s almost always a done deal.

I learned this from my 1st boss in #AyalaLand, who was my 1st mentor in Real Estate and the best Marketing Manager I ever had. #reminisicing



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