The benefit of having an Insurance Agent

A colleague called me up and expressed his desire to have all his company’s vehicles insured through me.

He wants someone to talk to especially when it comes to claims. I was top of mind when it comes to insurance. That’s Personal Branding at work!

His car driven by his company driver was wrecked in half. Apparently, his driver was drunk.

Worse, the comprehensive insurance was not renewed by his driver.

Fortunately, the driver was not hurt so my friend will only spend on the car repair.

From hereon, he wants to organize all his company insurances.

Most people do not want to get an insurance agent for various reasons. They prefer to deal with the company directly.

But when it comes to claims, they do not know whom to talk to or more importantly, what to do.

That’s the value I place in my customers. They can rely on me when it comes to claims.

It’s really advisable to know whom to talk to when it comes to claims so you will be guided properly.

#reliablepartner #claimshandling #insuranceagent


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