How I conquered my fear of getting vaccinated

Someone asked me a month ago if I already registered for a slot.

I said not yet. Too busy with work. I’ll attend to it when I’m free.

But deep inside, I have reservations. I dread the consequences. What if complications set in? What’s the worst that can happen?

Is it really safe or dangerous to be inoculated with the vaccine against covid?

I have yet to hear from a doctor, friend or anyone else, not to get a vaccine.

And they say, the best vaccine is “the one that is available in front of you”.

Days before, I watched YouTube about anything on #covid19vaccination, the different brands, the effect, efficacy, etc.

After watching, I felt ready.

Indeed, ignorance sometimes is the greatest fear.

And fear is exacerbated when you read stories of people you know that had covid and did not survive.

But instead of retreating, all the more that you should do everything to fight the virus.

And what better way than to have yourself vaccinated.

Today, 5.25.21, I had my 1st vaccine. It was painless and no side effects occurred after.

vaccination card

What a relief.

Thank God for His grace and favor. 

So, when the opportunity beckons, get vaccinated.

Let’s beat covid together.

#letsfightcovidtogether #getvaccinated #educateyourself


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