An Overview of Maxicare’s EReady Advance Prepaid Cards

A follow up to the successful launch of Maxicare’s Eready Prepaid Health cards was the EReady Advance Prepaid Health cards.

Not surprisingly, the market was looking for more than what the basic EReady card was offering.

Wait no more. EReady Advance provides one-time coverage for emergency related cases including those requiring confinement in all Maxicare affiliated hospitals nationwide. It also covers free and unlimited consultations in all Maxicare Primary Care Centers.

EReady Advance Platinum

Similar to the 1st EReady Prepaid Health card, EReady Advance also consists of two (2) types of cards: Titanium & Platinum.

EReady Advance Titanium

The EReady Advance Titanium card has access to more than 1500 accredited hospitals. However, it does not have access to the six (6) major hospitals in Metro Manila.

The advantage of the EReady Advance Platinum card is that it has access to the six (6) major hospitals in Metro Manila:

  1. Asian Hospital;
  2. Cardinal Santos Medical Center;
  3. Makati Medical Center;
  4. St. Luke’s, Quezon City;
  5. St. Luke’s, BGC, Taguig City;
  6. The Medical City.

What are the Benefits and Coverage of the EReady Advance Prepaid Health card?

It provides up to P50,000 one time coverage* on illnesses or injuries that arises from medical-related emergency conditions INCLUDING those requiring confinement in a REGULAR PRIVATE ROOM.

*be sure to file the claim with an accredited doctor of Maxicare.

The outpatient emergency coverage includes:

  1. Doctor’s services for emergency treatment;
  2. Emergency room fees;
  3. Medicines used for immediate relief and during treatment;
  4. Oxygen, IV fluid, whole blood and human blood products;
  5. Dressings, casts, sutures;
  6. X-ray, laboratory & diagnostic exams.

For a very affordable price, you get all these from EReady Prepaid Health Card of Maxicare.

Want to know more?

Contact your Maxicare Health Benefit Agent (HBA) now for updated prices, how to avail and other product details.


This article is intended to provide a basic overview of Maxicare’s EReady Advance Prepaid Card. Prospective buyers, consumers, clients are advised to contact their preferred Maxicare agent for a more comprehensive info about the product. Buyer discretion is hereby advised.

Ronnie Reyes is an accredited Partner of Maxicare, currently the no. 1 HMO company in the Philippines. He has been with the Maxicare Agency since 2010.

Email him at or send him a message through his viber no. 0917 796 2530.


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