My role as a Financial Advisor in Investing

As a Financial Advisor, one of my roles is to create profit for my clients.

Some of my friends and network reach out to me when it comes to investments.

A good friend met up with me last February 2017 and got interested to invest in AXA’s dollar investments.

tech stocks: FAANG

He decided to put in $80,000 spread in 8 mos.

Fast forward to 2020. Last year, around May, I told my client that his $80,000 already gained $30,000 more so he might want to lock in the profit. And he did. He took the $30,000 profit and left the principal at $80,000.

This month, I told him the same. He might want to get $30,000. We followed the same procedure.

He is happier by $60,000 by this time. I asked him, what he did with the first $30,000? He spread it into other investments.

Now what about the second $30,000? He is looking into bitcoin. I cautioned him but nonetheless it’s a case of reinvesting a profit.

To me, reinvesting a profit to earn more is a good thing. If it did not do well, you still have the principal intact.

Investing is never a guaranteed proposition but when you make your clients happy because they profited from your recommended investment, I consider it another feather in the cap to the list of people I have helped.

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Ronnie Reyes is a Financial Advisor with AXA Philippines.

You may contact him at 0917 796 2530 or email at

Follow him at @iamronniereyes (LinkedIn, Twitter, IG, Pinterest)


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