The Importance of having a Health Insurance

Sharing with you a testimonial from a colleague’s client who got COVID and is still being treated for COVID.

…On a personal level, sitting on a hospital bed where people are either recovering in full or literally dying in the rooms next to mine and the tents beneath us everyday, it has to be stated and restated that these new variants are something else entirely — we’re up against a stronger monster this round. And I’ll be supporting the Palace if Harry announces another ECQ within the day.

Now I promised yesterday that I’d write a comprehensive article to walk you through the process of what it’s like to get really sick — the symptoms, the expectations, the difficulties, and all the cures and little tricks that helped me go from feeling like absolute death to no symptoms in just five days, but I’m still currently collecting my thoughts as I’d like for the piece to be as precise as possible in that I won’t sugarcoat anything, all the while consciously ascertaining a level of optimism and levity so people don’t get too freaked out.

In the meantime, some real advice:


I mentioned previously that my hospital bill for my first day was P103,000. I’ve no idea what my running total is at the moment but I’ve already been confined for a week and the doctors say they wanna keep me here for at least another five days. I’m guessing my final tally is going to be in the vicinity of a million pesos — mostly because of an AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE drug called Remdesivir. It’s the same medicine that helped former President Trump kick Covid in three days via the state-of-the-art facilities at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Remdesivir is now most hospitals’ main choice for treatment (followed by the other standard antibiotics, vitamin c, zinc, Zithromax, etcetera).

The problem with Remdesivir is the price tag — stuff ain’t cheap. And if you don’t pay the hospitals, they cannot and will not give it to you. If you run out of money mid-medication, they cut you off. No questions asked. You can blame the absolutely evil and corrupt leaders from the previous PhilHealth administration for that. (Will tell you about it next time — it’s infuriating.)

Anyway, back to topic:

Last year, my very good friend Raffy Zamora called me a hundred times to convince me to purchase health insurance with the good people at AXA Philippines.

I paid something like P50,000 then. Now that I’m hospitalized with Covid and pneumonia, do you know how much I have to shell out?

Zero pesos.

Yep, as in nothing.

Nothing for the Remdesivir, the other meds, the two ambulance rides, the CT-scans, the lab ops, the room, the food, the check ups…nothing. Zero point zero pesos out of my bank accounts.

Additionally, Raffy and his team at AXA will call you everyday to check in on you, they’ll fight tooth and nail against all hospital bureaucracy to ensure that what was agreed to be covered will be fucking covered, and they won’t stop working (even on Sundays) till they know your situation is as stress-free as they can make it.

Most importantly, Raffy’s a good man that loves his job. His daughter is one of my 30++ godchildren so I know him very well. He’s one of ’em good ones who gets a kick out of saving people.

AXA Philippines currently offers financial security to over 800,000 people. This post is 100% NOT paid for. Just extremely happy with how they’ve taken care and continue to take care of me and this is my way of showing gratitude.

One last thing — and this is for everyone:

Please check up on each other constantly in the following weeks.d

It’s been so nice personally texting and calling people to ask if they’re okay and if they need anything and vice versa. Amidst our inevitable collective societal anxieties, I’ve felt a real sense of community and altruism and unity where people have effortlessly come across as so very happy and willing to lend resources, connections, time or even just a helping hand.

It’s going to get tense again this week — trust me, it always does in these situations. But let’s all try to keep in mind that even the person you think the worst of is currently on this shitty and unusual ride with you, with me and the rest of us. And that now, more than ever, being kind might be more important than being right.

PM me if you would like a quote. Thank you.

Ronnie Reyes
0917 796 2530 (viber, whatsapp)


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