The surge is Real

Last week, I learned that 2 of my cousins, their families, and some of our associates got covid. I figured that this is getting closer to home.

So before even the govt announced a full lockdown effective today, I told my wife that we should just stay home over the weekend which is what we did.

Yesterday, I had a good chat with a doctor friend. He was telling me that he looks like an astronaut when he wears his attire because he had to have double protection as he still has a young daughter. He is also limiting his patients because he gets tired at the end of the day because of the stress from wearing his overalls alone.

This friend of mine said that the reason for the surge is simple: people are selfish.

I asked to elaborate.

He said, even if we were warned to stay at home, some people still go out and do what they want even if it’s not necessary (non essential).

Today, the total lockdown has to be enforced again to ensure that everybody follows except for the “essentials”.

It’s been a year since the 1st lockdown was announced and to this day, nothing much has changed, well, for the worse because the numbers are higher compared to last year.

What’s in it for us?

  1. Wait for the vaccine and get the vaccines when the opportunity comes;
  2. Do your best to stay at home.
  3. Work online if you can; If you must go out to work, wear double masks and ensure that you are in the best of health.

The virus will never go away esp now that it has many variants.

We just have to live with it.

But we hope that the vaccines will come sooner than later because instead of reverting to the pre-pandemic days, which may not happen again, we just have to adjust to the “new normal way” of life after the pandemic.


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