The Importance of Being Prepared

Two Sundays ago, we invited a good friend & her family to relax one lazy Sunday afternoon in one of the village’s outdoor park.

I invited the husband for a walk & we had a good talk. We were talking about how the pandemic affected the family. We both agreed that we have to keep ourselves healthy and be prepared for any eventuality.

Two weeks later, the husband I was talking to was dead. He succumbed to a heart attack and he’s only in his 40s.

I surmised that he must have come from a strenuous day. True enough, the wife said that her husband got tired that day because of work.

I’m sharing this story because this is a reality. We don’t know when we will leave this world and our family.

But are we prepared? If we leave, will it leave a big void in the family.

To our friend, her husband’s sudden passing left big shoes to fill.

I often talk to my wife to update our plans in the event of a crisis.

We made some plans a few years ago and documented important stuff so that we will be prepared and know what to do.

Talk to your spouse about these things because we do not know when we will be gone in this world.

Many lives were lost due to the #pandemic and it came unexpectedly to most families.

It’s important to prepare for a crisis like this. #crisismanagement #will #planning


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