A Tough Year Ahead

2020 was a year like no other.

It was clearly unprecendented as the world navigated into a PATH of UNCERTAINTIES, wrought by FEAR and ANXIETIES.

If we have learned something from the year 2020, it was a year of:





What used to be taken for granted were revived – now it is important to not only have a HOME to stay in and sleep in but much more important to have a FAMILY to go to.

Perhaps, you may have experienced a LOSS along the way last year. Please know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

While I lost my beloved nanay last year (BUT NOT DUE TO COVID) but due to old age; it still sad seeing the way she should leave this earth. She was cremated the following day and we were not allowed to go to the funeral. Her body was picked up at home by the funeral service. It was only 1 week after the govt. announced the LOCKDOWN when my mother passed so we don’t have a choice. According to her personal doctor, who treated her for 1 year, prior to the pandemic, everybody who dies last year is assumed to have died of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. I wanted to resist this idea because if it were, everybody in the house would have followed too, ie., get afflicted with the COVID-19, but no one in the household did.

To this day, by the grace of God, everybody is still in good health condition.

Alas, in my wife’s side of the family, her niece died, N0T BECAUSE OF THE PESTILENCE either but due to a motor accident.

I begin to question LIFE. Is death contagious? Just when hundreds of thousands have been dying due to the coronavirus, we also experienced 2 deaths in the family; my side & my wife’s side.

I realized – NO, death is not contagious. It’s just because their TIME is up and nothing else.

While it’s hard to accept; we all have to move on and live with it.

Now the meaning of FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS has found meaning in our hearts. When you are greatly affected by the LOSS, you can relate to this often quoted phrase.

If you are reading this, be grateful that you are ALIVE. You survived 2020, by God’s grace but it’s not yet the time to CHEER up.

As 2021 looms ahead, we are faced with the same dilemma although we are much prepared this time and owing to the fact that we have learned something from the past year.

But we’re in for a tough year ahead. Nothing is guaranteed these days.

It is said that we will enjoy the “normal life” we used to have, the pre-pandemic days, 3 years from now. That’s 2024!

Whatever your situation is right now, hold on. Don’t give up. Yes, this too shall pass.

As previously mentioned, if you experienced LOSS last year – it could be a family member; a job; a decline in health; wealth or finances; even relationships; now is the year for RESTORATION or RECOVERY. Except for a family member whom we can only keep in our hearts, if you are still ALIVE to this day, there is still HOPE. Yes, for as long as you are breathing, there is still HOPE.

But HOPE that is backed up by positive mindset and if necessary, backed by ACTION.

Now, speaking of ACTION, I remember my favorite Philosophy teacher said, when you have a problem, there are 2 things to do:

  1. Do the best you can; and
  2. Pray.

Mine is different. When you are faced with a problem, there are also 2 things to do:

  1. Pray; then
  2. Do the best you can.

The order of priorities is DIFFERENT.

Because this year, a year that just followed 2020, we are still not out of the woods yet.

Thus, we should treat this year as a YEAR of:

  1. PRAYER – don’t stop praying. There are many things to pray for – for the pandemic to be gone; restoration of health, job, finances, relationships, protection, healing. The list goes on. IT IS PERSONAL, yet, it can also be UNIVERSAL.
  2. HOPE – if 2020 was tough, know that this too shall pass. Keep going whatever situation you’re in right now and sooner than later, you will reach that one goal that has evaded you (I hope!).
  3. OPPORTUNITIES – if 2020 was full of THREATS, we could start looking for opportunities this year. We just need to be CREATIVE; think of what worked before and use/apply it to serve our own interests/goals.

TOUGH TIMES don’t last but TOUGH PEOPLE do.

And you can only be TOUGH when you have the Lord GOD as your shelter and refuge.

Because when you trust HIM, He promised that He will protect you and He will never leave you.


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