How to know your Financial Condition


Life Insurance is not a one size fits all product.

On the average, you don’t buy a single life insurance policy to fund everything: from your medical expenses; to save for your child’s education; to prepare you for your retirement; or to replace the loss of income in the event of your untimely demise.

Many people think that they are already sufficiently covered but when you do Financial Needs Analysis with them, they figured that there is still a huge gap in addressing their financial priorities in retirement, health, education or income protection.

Buti na lang (it’s good that), AXA has developed a Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) tool. It helps you assess where you are financially and how near or far you are toward achieving your financial goals in life.

Do you want to know your financial condition by using AXA’s FNA tool?

If you are interested, send me a pm so we can discuss this further. Do yourself and your family a favor. Act now.

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