In my years of servicing clients for their Travel Insurance requirements, I have come up with an FAQ that will enlighten prospective and existing clients in getting travel insurance.

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions posed by my clients:

1. Is there an age limit for the travel insurance coverage?

Answer: Up to age 70. Note: There are some providers that cover beyond age 70 subject to evaluation and approval.

2. Are people with health condition still eligible to get travel insurance?

Answer: Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

3. Please enumerate step by step things to do if there is someone sick abroad.

Answer: Aside from going to hospital, calling your hotline listed in your travel insurance policy upon arriving in the hospital and having the policy number.

First thing to do is call the Hotline no.and get advice where to go and what to do. Either they point you to the nearest clinic or hospital. They need to know your exact condition or situation so they can evaluate and give the best recommended action.

If outpatient only, the insured can go directly to the clinic, then he/she can reimburse the cost incurred upon return in the PH.

4. The person can go to any hospital? It doesn’t have to be your accredited hospitals?

Answer: Before going to any hospital, please coordinate with the Hotline no. so the Travel Assist representative can advise you where to go.

5. Are confinement and surgery part of the coverage?

Answer: The P2.5M medical expenses should cover what is necessary to undertake, as long as it is not related with pre-existing condition.

6. How will the hospital bill be settled? Does the insured need to pay the hospital and reimburse by your company or your company will settle directly with the hospital?

Answer: As long as the insured called the hotline and advised to go XXX hospital, the insured will not pay anything, otherwise, he/she will shoulder the expenses and reimburse upon return to PH.

7. If destination relayed to you is Osaka, for example, and upon reaching the city, the insured decided to go to Tokyo or other cities, should you be informed with the changes in the itinerary?

Answer: No need. In the application, I specified your destination as Japan so you can go anywhere in Japan during the travel period as stated in your policy.

*This plan provides insurance coverage that only applies during the covered trip.

You may have coverage from other providers that can give similar benefits but may be subject to different restrictions depending upon other coverages.

Coverage is offered by Starr Travelead Short Term Plan.

Contact Ronnie Reyes for your Travel Insurance Requirements.


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