If your car is covered by a comprehensive policy insurance, here are the things that you should do when you get hit by another car:

1. Seek the assistance of a traffic officer.

2. Take down the following info:

2.1. Make / Model / Color / Plate No. of your vehicle.

2.2. The other driver’s name / address / contact no. / driver’s license no.

2.3.The other vehicle’s registered owner’s name / address / contact no. / certificate of registration no. / insurance company, if applicable.

2.4. Traffic officer’s name / rank / precinct & badge no.

ucpbgen-motor2.5. If you have a car insurance policy, fill up the Incidental Report that may be found in your policy kit.

3. Assist any injured party/ies (but if your life would be endangered, it is best to report the incident to the nearest police station or find a traffic officer who can help you).

4. Safeguard your vehicle from future loss or damage.

5. Bear in mind that you should not admit liability without obtaining your insurer’s approval.

6. Call the hotline no. of your Insurer’s Client Service Center for claims assistance, esp. if towing service is necessary.

If your car is not covered yet, please contact this Insurance Advisor to get a quote and be ready with a copy of your vehicle’s O.R. and C.R.

How to file Own Damage Claim.

1. Use your Insurer’s Incident Report Form and submit together with the following documents:

1.1. Police Report. However if the Incident Report Form is complete and signed by both parties, the Police Report may not be necessary anymore.

1.2. Clear copy of Certificate of Registration (C.R.) and current Official Receipt.

1.3. Clear copy of Driver’s license.

How to Report your Claim.

1. Drive-in the vehicle at your Insurer’s office.

2. Call your Insurer’s Hotline No. and report your claim and schedule inspection of your vehicle.

Emergency Assistance in case of Third Party Bodily Injury.

Call your Insurer’s Independent adjuster.

Please note that procedures vary from every Insurance company. This piece is meant to give a guideline on how to do things in case of car accident.


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