If you are into social media and you are into financial stuff like investing, personal finance, stocks, mutual funds, variable life,  then chances are you have come across personal finance articles giving some tips on how to achieve financial freedom.

If you are self-employed and into sales, you will also hear the same stuff on how to be financially free which is to get rich by earning millions based on our country’s standards.


For the finance experts, advisors and planners, they will tell you that to be financially free, you have to be doing some form of saving, investing, even budgeting while earning passively – which is the net result of investing because the purpose is to make your money work hard for you and not the other way around.

I strongly root for all these personal finance advocates in the financial services sector which is good for the country as a whole because the big picture that we want to see  (being in the financial services myself) is that over time, many people will be financially literate and therefore will know how to manage their money for their personal wants and needs. Being prudent financially is a plus because ideally, a truly financially free person pays taxes. Yes, everything should be accounted for – duties to God and man, including the government. Take note that paying taxes is not what I’m driving at.

My point – doing all these – being debt-free, saving, investing, budgeting, paying taxes, earning actively and passively are all good but not enough to make one financially free.

You will only achieve true financial freedom when you are no longer beholden to money. When you freely give, when you are generous – that is the true spirit of being financially free, whatever your financial situation is.

I’m not saying that money is bad. Money is neither good nor bad. It is what we do with it that makes money look good or bad. God desires for us to live an abundant life that’s why He gave us money to be good managers of it. But once we become slaves to it, we will find ourselves making costly decisions that will give us miserable lives.  Remember the prodigal son in the Bible? He asked for his inheritance in advance and squandered his wealth. Also, you may also unknowingly find yourself in a bondage – working to death for money, instead of working for a living, and working to death for money – tell me, will you have achieved peace by doing that? I am not sure about that because you are already working to death so how can that be a peaceful life? Isn’t that very stressful?

But you might say, I can only give when I have plenty of money.

The problem with man’s economy is that it says you have to be rich first before you can give.

God’s economy says – give first and He will bless you abundantly.

God doesn’t need our money. He just wants to see our faith in the area of giving. Otherwise, if we find it hard to give, then it’s a question of the heart.

Are you mastering your money or is money your master?

When you have reached the point of giving without counting the cost; when you have experienced the habit of giving cheerfully, God is delighted for God loves a cheerful giver and He will bless you for your generous heart.

That is the true essence of financial freedom.


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