Some people view LYING as something trivial that they can get away with. It does not even bother them esp. if they thought committing the act of lying won’t do them any harm on the surface. From a practical standpoint, some choose to LIE as a means to the end. What they do not realize is that it is slowly eroding their INTEGRITY. If they can afford to lie and justify it, over time, they might find themselves LYING naturally. And without proper discernment, it will become a habit.

Watch your thoughts, for it becomes your words. Watch your words, for it becomes your actions. Watch your actions, for it becomes your habit. Watch your habit, for it becomes your character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

small fire

Many lives have been ruined and in some cases, it all started with a lie that they thought was harmless. And this lie is the small fire I am talking about.

Have the spirit of discernment before lighting up a small fire. For all you know, it is a small and dangerous fire and it might cause a “big fire in your house” that cannot be abated in the end.


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