Background: In the Book of Exodus, God has seen the misery of Israel and He appointed Moses to go to Pharaoh and to bring the Israelites out of Egypt. However, Moses feared that the people might not believe him that God asked him to lead them out of Egypt. More than that, he admitted a lack of confidence and had feelings of inferiority complex claiming that he has never been eloquent and even admitted that he is slow of speech and tongue in speaking to the Pharaoh and even to large crowds.

How did God respond to Moses’ fears? He asked Moses, “What is that in your hand?” (Exodus 4:2). what is in your handWhen Moses answered, “a staff”. There and then, God performed 2 miracles on Moses’ hand and the staff to convince him (Moses) that God will help him along the way in bringing about God’s will by performing many miracles through his staff- and eventually guide and help him to free the Israelites from the bondage of slavery in Egypt (Exodus 4:1-17). God did not ask Moses to look elsewhere. What is in his hand is enough and God will see him through.

For days, I had this burden to write about this “What is that in your hand?” thing.

It all started when I was training a new agent of mine in AXA over the last weekend. He keeps saying over and over that he has many prospects for group insurance. I think he mentioned “group insurance” more than 5 times within 30 minutes. Nothing wrong with that except that his priorities are misplaced so I stopped him before he could go any further and asked him, Do you know the story in the Bible when Moses was asked by God, “What is in your hand?” What I’m implying was what training has he attended so far and what products did I ask him to study? There’s nothing about group insurance. In short, I asked him to concentrate with what he was trained for. I emphasized that he should try individual selling first because that is what he was trained for. In other words, FOCUS on what he has at hand and use it within his limited capacity or training. Later on, when he is equipped with further training, he can go on to group insurance selling.

Similarly, I was led to write about this “What is that in your hand” thing and turn it into something more relevant and I hope you can digest and learn from it.

If you are faced with a problem, challenge, difficulty or trial, God may be asking you, “What is that in your hand?”

It simply means, what do you have at your disposal to solve or address whatever situation you may be in?

Here are the things you should consider when faced with a challenging situation:

1. Time.

How much time do you have in your hands? Do you need to address it sooner or later? Meaning, is it time-bound? If it’s subject to a timetable or deadline, then work backward from the due date. That way, you can estimate how you can tackle the situation given with your limited or ample time.

But what if it’s not bounded by time? It doesn’t mean that its importance will be lessened. It means that you still have to do something about it or at least start preparing for it to deal with that one thing with whatever is in your hands.

2. Resources

Combined with time, what do you need to improve, solve, change or rectify the situation? Does it require resources such as knowledge, skill or even money to help you achieve your goal? Therefore, plan and use this resources at your disposal wisely.

3. People

One thing I learned from experience is that you never achieve something, never solve anything, never address a particular thing, without help from any one. They may be your family, friends, relatives, colleagues, business partners, staff, office mates, buddies, church mates and even “enemies” or competitors, who can help get you at the position you are striving for.

Let’s face it, we all need others to survive, much more, succeed in this life. And sometimes, even our worst enemies or best competitors can motivate us to go beyond our limits, in order to survive or succeed in our goals.

Whatever situation you are in, wherever you are, God has given you the time, resources and the people to work with.

So, if you are faced with a challenging situation that you deem hopeless – be it a sickness, low morale in the workplace, slumping sales in your business, insurmountable debts, or even relationships that disintegrate; in other words, whatever misery you are in right now, know that God is asking you today, “What is in your hands?”

It simply means God is asking us to trust Him. He is simply bigger than our problems. He can give us the tools that we need – time, resources or people – and make the most of what we have even with limited resources and yet, in the end, it is His will that will prevail.

So the next time God asks you, “What is that in your hand?”, acknowledge it and allow God to be with you in your journey.


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