When I first joined Chartis way back in 2002, it was only a way to supplement my income from my life insurance portfolio with Philamlife back then. I used to carry comprehensive home and car insurance initially. I have never heard of travel insurance until it was introduced to me by my Agency Manager. That was sometime around 2006, I think.

At first, it was only a relative of mine who got a travel insurance from me since I learned that Chartis is the leading provider in this business category.  Then things started heating up for my travel insurance portfolio when a client introduced me to another client who was looking then for an annual business travel insurance package. This client would later turn out to be my “suki” or loyal client and through his company, referrals started mounting in my initial years as a travel insurance agent.

DELSEY 011012Fast forward to 2012. It was the year when my travel insurance business went on a tear, at least to my expectations. Truly unprecedented indeed for it was in the same year when I worked out a deal with the Primer Group of Companies that owns many top brands in travel luggage category, one of them, being Delsey. In their promo last year, they have this incentive that if you buy a particular brand of Delsey, called Helium, you would get a free travel insurance, though limited in scope. But it was a 1st in the industry. What a favor from the Lord indeed.

Then, all of us Chartis agents, were jolted by Chartis’ announcement in late November 2012 that beginning 01 Febuary 2013, our license as agents of Chartis will cease and that they are changing business directions. Simply put, they will focus on commercial lines through select brokers, thus rendering many agents, including me, out of the Chartis’ radar.

I did not waste my time looking for an alternative travel insurance provider to continue my travel insurance business.

It’s been only a few days as I write but that’s life. I have already moved on. Thank you Chartis. It’s been a good run. Chartis

Just as when one door closes, another window opens so to speak, I have found alternative providers. Yes, I see to it that I can give my clients options to choose from and besides, it also depends on the travel insurance requirements of the client so I would really need to have more than 1 provider so I can more or less try to meet their travel insurance requirements.

Therefore, it is still “Business as usual” for my travel insurance business. This time, with MAA General Assurance and Starr Companies, as of this writing.

Not only that, I reactivated my life insurance business starting December 2012 but this time, I joined AXA Philippines as a Financial Advisor. So this year brings out a lot of excitement as I was given more business opportunities through these companies.

And this I acknowledge comes from the Lord. Yes, I truly believe that all my sales come from Him. That is why one of my life’s verses is this:

But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your forefathers, as it is today. – Deuteronomy 8:18 (NIV)


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