The Value of LinkedIn

Never thought that a sale could be made via LinkedIn. It happened a few months ago. I received an email from a prospective client wanting to invest. This client is based in one of the Schengen states. She was telling me via email that she’s having a hard time communicating with the company I represent. Yes, she wanted to invest in one of the funds managed by Philam Asset Management, Inc. or PAMI. PAMI trusted brand

To cut the long story, we finally met. Had her fill up the form and I got her investment check.

I probed further what led her to choosing me as her mutual fund agent:

She said she googled about the company first. Tried to get in touch through email but did not get a reply. Since she’ll be home from abroad, she wanted to meet someone she could trust. She saw my name come out through her searching (never tried it myself) and read through my blog and went through my profile in my WordPress account. But what clinched it was when she saw my LinkedIn account. That to her, made the difference.

In her own words, I looked more credible because of my LinkedIn account. Maybe because all your past work experiences are stated there since LinkedIn is like a recruitment pool where you post your work experiences and qualifications in your profile. It’s like an online resume pool that focuses on one’s career and from there, it can provide opportunities through networking in LinkedIn.

Thank God for LinkedIn. It adds up to my credibility.

Lesson learned, get into social media and make your presence felt. You never know when your next business opportunity will come from.


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