The Power of Positive Feedback will bring you more Sales

Last Thursday, 03 January 2013, I was jolted by a call from someone who complained of a bad service from an insurance brokerage company. According to this prospective client, after demanding deposit payment from him which he deposited to this brokerage’s bank account, he was advised that Chartis is no longer accepting new business which is not true as of this writing. Instead, to the dismay of this client, he was being offered the same product from another insurance company but with a much lower coverage. So naturally, he does not want to deal with this brokerage company anymore and demanded a refund or else he will complain to the company.

Good thing, I’m aware that Chartis will no longer accept new business but not yet. It will be effective 01 February 2013 and so Chartis is still accepting new travel insurance business for the whole month of January 2013. By way of background, Chartis, of which I’m a licensed agent since 2002, will not renew its contract with the Agency and Channel Services, as a business decision so as a result, our license as Chartis agents will not be renewed effective 01 February 2013. So to give this prospect the benefit of the doubt, I called our Call Center to confirm and right there and then, it was confirmed to me that they are still accepting new business for Annual Travel Insurance up to 31 January 2013.

As promised, I called back this prospect to relay the same info. Then we agreed to meet up the following day. I requested to meet him in the afternoon since I already have a prior commitment with AXA the whole morning.

When I met the client, I think we were done like in about 30 mins. since I already emailed him the form and requested some documents from him to comply with the travel insurance requirements.

While the policy was being processed, I engaged him in a small conversation. I was trying to find out what made him choose me over the others who posted the same in a top online ad,

Me: Did you get the brokerage company first because they look more credible?

Client: Yes (Me: I thought so)

Me: So why did you choose me?

Client: The truth is, I viewed feedback from your past clients and they’re all positive 100% so that made it easier for me to call you.

There you go.

I have always believed that if you serve your client right. They will remember you for your good and reliable service.

In this business, you really have to invest in taking care of your clients. When you have earned their trust, they will not only keep coming back to you but they will also give you referrals. That way, your sales will be sustained.

I thank God for leading these clients to me. They just keep growing over the years. Here are some of the positive reviews I got when I was still doing online travel insurance business for Chartis Philippines:

FB 1


When Chartis Philippines ceased operations here in the Philippines effective February 1, 2013, Ronnie continued his travel insurance from the get go with Starr Companies.

To date, Ronnie Reyes, is still active doing online travel insurance with Starr Companies.


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