goodbye 2012 hello 2013Just reminiscing the year 2012 that is almost coming to a close. It was indeed a blessing in many ways. I have a lot to be thankful for but top of mind, here goes my list:

1. I’m still alive and so is my family.

Yes, if I were not, I wouldn’t be writing this post. Life is but a mist as the Bible says (James 4:14), and I’m not one to take it for granted. Everyday is a miracle, a blessing. To wake up is indeed God’s grace and for Him to bestow the same to my family is always a gift I will always cherish. God will always be there. He is eternal but I can only enjoy my temporary moments with my family, no matter the distance. That I’m still in good health is also a blessing. The same goes for my family esp my nanay (mother).

Yes, there are many challenges and difficulties that come my way in my personal life and in other aspects but I choose to dwell on the positive. As much as possible, I leave no room for negativism. I focus on the good things.

2. That the Lord led me to a local church I can finally call my home church.

Grateful for this year that the Lord led me to this church, Victory Greenhills. Last 2011, my spirit was restless. I have been hopping from one church to another but in the end, what pulled me in this church is the dynamism. The church is young and vibrant and I love their advocacy to good financial stewardship because at that time, I was also challenged financially and through financial education, it helped me manage my finances well on my way to financial freedom. This church is full of leaders that are one of the most sought after speakers in the areas of Financial Education.  To name a few, Chinkee Tan, Randell Tiongson and Jayson Lo, will teach you how to be a good financial steward and how to tackle your debts. Even the senior pastor, Dennis Sy, is actively involved in teaching right values not only in the areas of handling money but also in relationships and the next generation. This church is true to the core of Jesus’ teachings ie., everything that they teach is based in the Bible and they are faithful to the Victory church’s vision which is to honor God (in everything you do) and to make disciples (in keeping with the biblical mandate – Matthew 28:19-20). Among the highlights of my involvement here was finishing Victory Weekend and Training for Victory – these 2 trainings alone are essential in making disciples or followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and building your own small group.

But more importantly, I got hooked to these small groups (one from my home church and the other one from my previous church, CCF) and that the Lord used them both to further my spiritual growth in many ways (too many to discuss here). Suffice it to say that I am looking forward to leading my own small group next year, God willing.

3. All lines are clicking.

One of the reasons why I decided to be a cross-seller after leaving the corporate world (employment) is that I was trained to be one (the agency I belong to trained me to sell life insurance, non-life insurance, HMO and mutual funds, all belonging to the one group of companies, the Philam Group), except real estate. It’s also a good diversification strategy so that if one line is not doing well, I have other lines to rely on. But this year was unprecedented in the sense that all lines were clicking (which also fulfilled my vision). But I have to acknowledge that everything comes from the Lord. He is my Yahweh-Yireh, my God, my Provider. Blessed be the name of the Lord for his faithfulness in spite of my imperfections.

4. Everything’s going well for our country. And it could be just the tip of the iceberg.

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people. – Proverbs 14:34. I can only attribute all the blessings and good things that are happening to our country to the path that President Aquino took – and that is to lead this nation by respecting the rule of law. It also helped that his clean image precedes his leadership style. The net effect? More foreign investments, more hot money coming in, more sunrise industries growing with the help of PPP (Public Private Partnership, one of Aquino’s main economic agenda that compels foreign investors to participate in), booming real estate, tourism, which ultimately can trickle down to the ordinary Filipino by way of short-term and even long-term job opportunities.

I cannot deny this fact because it certainly lifts up the spirit of the Filipino people as a whole despite the many natural calamities besetting our country all-year round. We were even voted to be one of the happiest and unselfish people on earth in the areas of giving. So tell me, how cool is that?

And since I’m in the real estate and financial services (life insurance and mutual fund), it would be a good opportunity for me to serve my existing and prospective clients because Filipinos are becoming more financially educated and many are developing into sophisticated investors (moving from savings mentality to investment mindset).

5. Entertainment – Pinoy style. More fun in the Philippines.

Entertainment as I see it that caught the nation amused, shocked, or even bewildered. In this context, it encompasses news, showbiz, religion and politics that gripped the nation. I’m sure these would be mentioned in yearend reviews as well so no need to elaborate, just a note will do.

1. The impeachment of CJ. – the nation was really hooked. I hope we’ve seen the last of this kind of trial.

2. Goodbye Dolphy. – Farewell to the King of comedy. You will be missed. And there’s no heir apparent yet.

3. Airport brawl between Raymart, Claudine, and Tulfo. – from physical hurt to threats on national tv – how low can they get? aren’t they supposed to be role models?

4. Cyber-bullying was born – Carabuena slapping an MMDA traffic enforcer, followed by Amalayer. Next time, be careful how you behave in public. You might be the next victim. Not easy to be ganged up by a mob. It will haunt you for a lifetime. Try it and see its lasting effect.

5. Cyber-crime. – The netizens were in outrage. Martial Law in cyberspace? Only in the Philippines. Never again. Real or Virtual world.

6. RH  bill – women’s rights were finally upheld. Thanks to P-Noy’s unwavering stance in protecting women’s rights.

7. Farewell Jesse Robredo – a true public servant. A role model that every public servant esp politicians should emulate.

8. Why oh why Pacquiao? – he always carried the nation on his shoulders every time he fights. But for the first time since 2005, he lost twice this year. One, to Bradley via a decision and secondly, to Marquez, his closest rival in the history of boxing, via a KO. So, will you fight again or retire for good? ahh, you know!

9. Habagat – we really thought you will be like Ondoy. In some ways, you were because many were rendered homeless even if you were just a monsoon rain and not a tropical storm or typhoon.

10. “Sinotto” – so you should be flattered instead if another plagiarizes your work? Oh ok, anyway, the Dept. of Tourism’s slogan, “It’s more fun in the Philippines”, is not original after all. I rest my case.

All in all, it was a fun and blessed 2012.

2013, please be awesome.


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