Michael Jordan – what is there not to like about the man? Let’s look at his achievements

Hall of Fame class of 2009
6-time NBA Champion (never lost in all his NBA Finals appearances!)
5-time NBA Most Valuable Player
10-time scoring champion
3-time steals leader
14-time NBA All-Star
3-time NBA All Star Game MVP
6-time NBA Finals Most Valuable Player
1-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year
NBA Rookie of the Year
2-time Slam Dunk champion
2 Olympic gold medals – USA (never lost!)

Led the Chicago Bulls to two 3-peat championship.

Inspired his team the Chicago Bulls to win the 1st and only 70 games in a regular season. They set a winning record 72-10.

You marvel at his excellence. You love his passion for the game and his drive to win. You celebrate his successes.

I think it is thrilling to witness a sports hero like that. Someone who is obsessed with winning.

Winning is contagious and everybody loves a winner. And he’s been a winner many  times. But I’m not sure if many people know that he had his share of failures. He was not drafted the 1st time in college basketball if my memory serves me right; he failed in his attempt at baseball; he and his team were beaten several times by the Detroit Pistons for a couple of years. But that’s what I love most about Mike – He would not give up and he is not afraid to try. For how would you know if it’s for you if you wouldn’t even give it a try?

That’s why the phrase “Be like Mike” was coined. It’s the benchmark for success.

But more than that, he pumps in $10B in the US economy during his prime. A world-class global marketer. Talk about being a global sports icon.

That’s why I love Michael Jordan. He made me happy when the Chicago Bulls were the team of the 90s. He never failed my expectations. I guess that’s why millions love him. He’s the ultimate competitor in sports.

He is to me the G.O.A.T. in the world of basketball- the greatest of all time. Be like Mike but there would be no one like him.


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