Below are 2 cases showing the importance of getting a Travel Insurance:

Case No. 1: November 28, 2008 – GUILIN, CHINA

A woman vacationing in Guilin fell in her hotel bathroom and injured her back. She was sent to People’s Hospital in Guilin and was diagnosed with prolapsed disc at T12. Treatment for such is bed rest with spinal support, analgesia and physiotherapy.

Chartis paid approximately $50,000 for medical expenses and repatriation cost.

Client Feedback:

I’m very impressed and would like to thank Travel Guard Chartis for taking care of me as I got a first-class service even though I only paid a small premium.

Case No. 2: April 26, 2009 – HONG KONG

The insured had difficulty in breathing while on the plane from Manila to Hong Kong. He suffered bilateral pneumothoraces resulting to collapsed lungs. From the airport, the insured was rushed via Ambulance to Princess Margaret Hospital for emergency treatment. The doctor advised that the insured needed to undergo surgery and be transferred to a more equipped hospital –  Queen Elizabeth Hospital. After the surgery, the insured was evacuated via Air Ambulance back to the Philippines and was brought directly to the Lung Center for further treatment.

Chartis paid out Php 2.2 Million in medical expenses and evacuation cost.

Client Feedback:

I wouldn’t know what I would have done without Travel Guard. I will forever be thankful. I told my family and friends to get Chartis travel insurance every time they travel.

The service was excellent and prompt. Premium is very reasonable considering the comprehensive benefits.

Source: Chartis Philippines Training Dept.


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