If you’re planning to end your life, just drive toward Commonwealth from U.P. then make a deadly U-turn, where buses are most likely to ram behind your vehicle. Chances are, you will get what you wished for.

It’s a fact. Countless lives were lost due to vehicular accidents that occurred along Commonwealth Avenue, dubbed as the killer highway. Just recently, a well-respected veteran journalist by the name of Estella Simbulan, better known as Chit, was killed when a bus rammed the behind of the taxi she was riding in. She was scheduled to have dinner with some friends at the Ayala Technohub, the Silicon Valley version of the Philippines, but she never made it because of the unfortunate incident. 

But if you want to live longer, avoid going through the deadly U-turn lanes of the killer highway. Here’s a tip I just picked up from the article of Inquirer columnist, Ma. Ceres P. Doyo regarding the killer highway:

“If you’re on University Avenue going toward QC Circle/Philcoa, avoid Commonwealth by turning left on CP Garcia. Go straight and turn right on Maginhawa. Take two more short right turns until you hit the main Maginhawa Street. Go straight and turn left on Mayaman Street. Go straight again until you hit Kalayaan Avenue. Turn right on Kalayaan, go straight until you hit QC Circle.

If Mayaman is closed after 10 p.m., continue along Maginhawa till the end. Turn left and then right on Maharlika. At the end is QC Circle.”

You’re safer that way, but oh, the gas. So if you insists on taking the deadlier route, be sure to get a personal accident insurance for good measure.

Good news. After a series of mishaps on this highway some time last year, a speed limit was enforced to mitigate the risk., thereby making this highway a safer road to motorists and pedestrians.

(Note: This piece was taken from my previous blog. Starting today, I am migrating select blogs here.)


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