On September 26, 2009, Typhoon Ondoy poured a month’s worth of rain in 6 hours, leaving much of Metro Manila, Rizal and Laguna flooded in unprecedented depths.

During the first week, while other insurance companies were busy advertising, our Claims Team was busy organizing its adjusters and putting into effect our established disaster preparedness claims plan. The plan execution was so effective that as early as 8 days after “Ondoy” , we were already releasing claims checks to our claimants to answer their immediate need for cash.

Our Claims Team implemented an innovative but, fair and speedy approach in the settlement of those vehicles that were submerged by floodwater from the dashboard and up by declaring them constructive total losses. Payments were then effected immediately. This move allowed us to settle auto AOG (Acts of God) claims way ahead of the rest of the industry, and has made our claims settlement, the envy of the rest of the insurers.

“Ondoy” was a tragic situation but, it gave us the opportunity to prove to our policyholders that they were in the care of the right company. Thanks to our Claims Team, we were able to prove this beyond doubt.


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