Notes on Intrusion

Intrusion is the title of the series of Victory beginning March 2012. (

Intrusion – unwelcome, unexpected visit.

Week 1 – Genesis 32:22-30 – Jacob Wrestles with God (At the River Crossing)

1. God rearranges the circumstances of our lives to change us.

2. Only an encounter with God can change you.

3. Stop playing the blame game and start taking responsibility.

4. Blessings are often disguised as challenges.

5. God tests before He blesses.

6. God is already responding to your prayer when you are going through testing and trials.

7. We are not in control but God is in control.

Prayer: Lord, change my heart not my circumstances. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Of particular interest is when God asked Jacob his name, the reply was Jacob.

I learned God asked Jacob his name because before when Jacob was asked about his name by his father, Isaac, Jacob lied and said, Esau. (Genesis 27:19)

This time, when Jacob has reached the end of his limits, he did not lie, for he has been a deceiver all his life and this time, he told the truth that his name was Jacob. To this, God told him from hereon, he will no longer be called Jacob but Israel.

From Jacob meaning “deceiver”, to Israel meaning, “Prince of God”.

Week 2 – Joshua 5:13-15 – The Fall of Jericho (On the Battlefield)

1. Worship God.

2. Surrender to God.

3. Obey God.

When you ask God are you for me or are you for the enemy? You are missing the point that’s why God answered “Neither”. Instead, He should be the one asking, “Are you for me?”.

Focus on God when you have problems no matter how difficult it may be, as God will fight for you.

Prayer: Lord, help me to appropriate the victory that I already have in Christ Jesus. Make me realize that I am not fighting for victory. Instead, I am fighting from victory as the battle has already been won.

Week 3 – Judges 6:11 – Gideon – Under the Tree

The answer to the Israelites’ cry is God’s intrustion to Gideon.

God intends in our lives to turn our weaknesses to strength.

Gideon’s response to God: Look at my situation.

God’s response: Am I not sending you?

Gideon’s response to God: Look at my limitation.

God’s response: I will be with you.

Gideon’s response to God: Give me a sign.

God’s response: I will wait until you return.

Many times we ask God for a sign but God is not like that to accede to our request for a sign. We just need to trust Him that if we are living in the shadow of His wings, God will be with us.  If you’re looking for a sign, all you have to remember is that God already gave His Son to die and pay for our sins.  Jesus said, “It is finished”.  This is the only sign that we should look into and remember.

Prayer: Father in Heaven, help me to trust in you with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. Thank you for sending your Son Jesus to die for my sins. Remove from me any sense of doubt and help me to move forward and not look at my present situation and limitation. Thank you Lord God for the assurance that You will never leave me nor forsake me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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