Here’s some helpful tips when you get into an accident on the road and you happen to own a comprehensive car insurance policy:

When filing an auto claim with your Insurance company, here are the standard requirements:   

Prepare and submit photocopies of the ff.

1. Policy Insurance of the car.

2. Driver’s license, O.R./C.R. of car.

3. Affidavit – statement when (date/time), where (place), how – in other words, if there’s no 3rd party involved (meaning the accident happened while the car was parked and the 3rd party hit it while the owner/policy holder was away or the owner/policy holder accidentally hit a post or a wall by himself/herself, etc.) and owner will file against his/her own policy, owner will try to describe in his/her own words the most possible scenario.

Normally, if 3rd party is involved, get a police report. If it is the fault of the 3rd party, owner/policy holder can claim against the policy of the 3rd party so no deductible will be claimed against the owner/policy holder. If owner/policy holder will file against his/her own policy, then all requirements should be submitted to claims for processing.

4. Estimate (from your preferred shop)/ pictures (Take all sides of car including plate no. Close up shots of damaged area)

Original copies to follow.

If the repair limit is within the deductible cost, no need to submit to insurance per claims.

Owner/policy holder may scan the docs initially and send to me by email. Original to follow.

The above procedure is a general guideline. Your Insurance company may slightly differ in terms of the requirements stated above but the guidelines will also prove to be helpful.

If you are interested to get a quote for your car, prepare a copy of your car’s O.R. (yearly registration O.R.) and C.R. (car registration certificate) to be used as basis for the proposal.

Ronnie Reyes is a Financial Advisor. Talk to him for your Insurance and Investments requirements. Check out his profile at https://ph.linkedin.com/in/iamronniereyes.



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