If I just want to make money, I can just hook up with different kind of sellers aside from maintaining my selling portfolio: the traditional ones, retail, wholesale, and the online seller in just about any kind of business and be their dealers or re-sellers.

So if you’re working for money, you can be a jack of all trades, because opportunities to make money abound everywhere.

But to work for money can lead to a miserable life. Just read the Bible and you will find out why. In the Bible, you will find  so many verses dedicated to money and personal finance. So, here’s the long and short of it. Proper use of money can make or break you.  Master money and it will work for you. If you allow yourself to be controlled by money, it’s not only a sin against God; it will also destroy you.    

In this light, Personal Branding is more about making money. It is about building an image of your career. Exactly, what are your services? What do you want your clients to know you for? Professionalism? Service-oriented? Approachable? Trustworthy? Integrity? You do not build on these reputation overnight but over time. How? By building relationships.

And what’s the net result of building relationships with your clients? Trust.

When you have gained trust, it is already an investment in itself. Referrals will come naturally. Clients will recommend you for a job well done in the past. And when referrals flow naturally because of the trust you have gained from your clients, you will be rewarded for the income you deserve.


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