The best investment

The best investment is not in assets. Not in stocks, bonds, fixed income, gold, etc.

Some say, the best investment is in yourself. How do you invest in yourself?

There are 3 areas in your life that you should take care of. 

1. Physical

Take good care of your health. Be conscious of your diet. Watch what you eat. Exercise regularly. As in Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, you have to satisfy the physical needs first before going up the ladder of needs.

So how can you take care of the other areas of your life if you won’t take care of the basic first?

2. Mind

Learn a new skill. Invest in knowledge. Read a new book every week? every 2 weeks? every month? Learn a new thing and you will always keep your mind young. That way, you will keep your mind sharp and your memory strong.

When you are able to think creatively, you can find ways to solve problems creatively. You can think of many options or solutions whether it’s a small or a big problem.

For practical reasons, if you have another skill, you can use that as a fallback, if in case, you are forced to quit or resign from your job.

In my case, I worked in a real estate company before (Ayala Land, Inc.) so my work experience was in marketing, sales and customer relations. When I left the corporate world, I became a life insurance agent (Philamlife). Later on, I added in my sales portfolio, mutual funds (Philam Asset Management, Inc.) and non-life insurance (Chartis Philippines, later on, Mapfre Insular and Pioneer Insurance). Six years ago, I dropped life insurance and kept real estate, non-life insurance and mutual fund as my core businesses. Beginning 2013, I am bringing back life insurance in my business services portfolio. Why? As a response to a market need. A few have been asking me about it ie., the need has been building up and from my existing businesses, I can tap a new market again. But this time, I’m moving to a new company (AXA Philippines).

By investing in these businesses, I learned how to cross-sell and therefore, was able to create multiple sources of income. That way, when one business is not clicking, my other businesses can save me. But when all businesses are clicking, can you imagine that? Only is it made possible by the grace of God. Praise God for everything comes from Him.

Some say that you have to focus on one business so that you can be successful. In my case, it’s a matter of being able to prioritize and manage things. It may work for others but I’m okay being a cross-seller. That is my personal brand.

That’s why I can say, I am first and foremost a real estate broker, but I am also an insurance agent (life and non-life insurance) and a certified investment solicitor. After all, these are all necessities in life if you will think about it. They are interrelated in other words so it’s possible that your client will treat you like a “one-stop shop” service provider when it comes to financial services (real estate included because it’s still considered a financial investment after all).

3. Spiritual

In the midst of your busyness, do you spend time with God?

I may sound like a preacher but actually, I have this burden to share with you what I think is the most important investment of all.

Do not know God only. For even the devil also believes in God. Obey Him. Obviously the devil does not. So don’t be like the devil.

Knowing God is the easy part. But obeying God is the difficult aspect, at least from a human perspective.  The grace of God is everything here in this aspect, meaning, everything comes from grace.

Just how is this connected with investing in the physical and the mental aspect of a human being? If you ask me, a lot.

Matthew 22:37 says:

Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’

This is the most important commandment. This is the essence of life. It’s not about you or me. It’s all about God.

We should invest for eternity for our life here on earth is just temporary.

As the Bible says:

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life?

You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. – James 4:14 (NIV).


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