A property dispute can be emotionally taxing esp. if it involves squabbling families, not to mention the financial and psychological stress it will entail.

A property dispute can be brought about by the following:

1. Greed

Some people, out of greed, do not give qualms to family tradition and ties. In their haste to claim their stake or right to a portion of the property, they will place emphasis on monetary value over family ties and even threaten to file a legal claim, to defend their cause. In the process, whatever peace and quiet and harmony, these families have enjoyed through the years, can be shattered by a whimsical act of vested interests.

2.  Ignorance of the law and/or the real estate practices      

To anyone who owns an estate or any piece of property, it is highly recommended that the estate/property owner draft and prepare a holographic will in the event of an untimely demise.  Oftentimes, the lack of an existing will, can open up a “can of worms” because some parties or families claiming to have a part or right in the ownership can ultimately destroy whatever stability you thought exists within family relationships and tradition.  Some relatives will even go to the extent of maligning their own relatives and spread lies about them. A sad occurrence indeed, hastily resorting to “backbiting” tactics instead of bothering to check facts with due diligence and failing to establish real estate practices why the property ownership is in its present form.

One deterrent to preparing a will is the Filipino family culture and tradition. To preserve family culture and tradition, legal necessities such as pre-nup agreements and last will are oftentimes overlooked.

3. Communication problems

Property disputes and breakdown of family relationships and ties could have been avoided if all families involved will try to see through each side of the family, hear out, understand, and try to work out the best possible solution, for the sake of saving family relationships. But some people are wont to veer away from family discussions, out of fear of getting entangled in the costs that will be borne out of this issue.

These are but a few of the lessons I have learned based from personal experience.

Suffice it to say that the once quiet, peace, and harmonious and stable relationship a certain family can have, can be viewed as a thing of the past, all because of a squabble over a mere piece of land.

So maybe there is truth to the saying, “Money is THICKER than blood”.


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