Here are a few recommendations on ways to market and sell your property:

1. Put up a signage outside your property.  

Begin in the neighborhood. Be sure to attach that signage where it can be easily seen. Use a plastic signage with yellow background and black markings for greater visibility and to ensure that the signage won’t fade away during rainy season.

2. Take good pictures of the interior and exterior of your house.

Emphasize the uniqueness of your property’s characteristics by taking good pictures of your house’ interior and exterior parts. If it’s a corner lot, show a corner angle of your property. When taking pictures of the interiors of your house, make sure that the furniture are well arranged, the colors of your walls and curtains or blinds are matched, the tables and chairs are proportioned and clean. Since most home buyers are visual, potential buyers may want to take a second look at it by having a glimpse of your property from the pictures itself. Heed this advice only if the property is worth showing. For example, if it badly needs a lot of fixing or repairs, why bother to take pictures in the first place?

3. Advertise by word-of-mouth.

First, tell your natural market about it. Who knows? A need is being  met already just by broadcasting about it within  your inner sphere of influence – immediate family members, relatives, friends, officemates, neighbors (usually the most logical buyer since they are comfortable in the area), churchmates, etc.

4. Use social media and technology.

If you are not using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and and other forms of technology like texting, web and mobile marketing to spread the word, where have you been all these years? Take advantage of these technological breakthroughs that this generation is privileged to have for these are the faster means to publicize or advertise your property.

But don’t forget the traditional methods ie advertise in the newspapers, magazines. Some still rely on print.

5.  How motivated are you to sell the property?

You’ve seen signs like “Rush Sale” and common reasons are seller is moving out, going abroad, etc. How motivated is the seller? Is the seller willing to slash prices just to be able to move it? Find out the prevailing market price. A good guide is the real estate classified ads just to get a gauge of the pricing within the vicinity. How would you know if the price would still be applicable to your property? If it’s within the same city, that’s acceptable but you have to compare the property that was sold with the property you are selling. Are both properties of the same type ie., house and lot? condo unit? townhouse? vacant lot? Are both flood-free? This has a bearing in the price. Of course, flood-prone areas should be lower.

Banks selling foreclosed properties are considered motivated sellers. Since foreclosed properties are idle assets and are not generating income for the company, the banks are more than willing to submit to negotiations. So it wouldn’t hurt to negotiate with banks. Buyers could try to negotiate within the range of 10% to 30% discount off from the listed price. The same can be said of individual sellers and it can even be more than the suggested range  if the reason for selling is really that urgent.

6. Hire a local Broker.

A “local” broker is someone who lives near the area where your property is located. The advantage of hiring a “local” broker is familiarity. This local broker already has a headstart or advantage over “outside” brokers because of their existing connections or networks within the area who might be on the lookout for a similar property. Aside from existing network, this local broker does not need to study anymore the prevailing market prices. He does not have to research the existing market conditions in the area and moreover, he does not need to study the directions to the site because he lives near the location of the property that is being offered for sale.

This is just a suggestion. You can still hire a broker of your choice  based on your relationship with that broker. After all, relationships play a major part in selling real estate.

And before anything else, Pray first for God’s leading. Because He is the only one who can make all things possible.

For nothing is impossible with God. – Luke 1:37


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