I wear 3 hats.

One represent Real Estate; the other, Insurance; and the last one, Mutual Funds.

Well, I used to wear more than 3 hats before.

Five years ago, I dropped Life Insurance in my business portfolio and more recently, I dropped Healthcare, on top of other side businesses.

I have been told that to be successful in your chosen field, you have to be focused in what you do. True, it makes sense actually.

Nonetheless,  it doesn’t follow that you would be a failure if you are wearing many hats.

So why wear 3 hats when you could only wear one and devote your full time and attention to it?

My decision to wear 3 hats did not come about overnight.

I left the corporate world almost 10 years ago and instead of devoting myself to Real Estate where I had gained more than 10 years of valuable work experience, I chose the Life Insurance business for a change.

Sad to say, in this country, Employment is viewed as a status quo. As far as my personal experience is concerned, regardless of how many hats I wear, they still consider you “jobless”. I had my share of being ridiculed like being told “wala ka namang ginagawa” (you’re NOT doing anything, anyway) or at least, that’s what they thought. And to some well-meaning people, they still encourage me to apply (because of the perception that I’m jobless).

If wearing 1 hat is enough to some people, what more if you wear 3 hats?

So again, the realization to wear 3 hats only came about this year after being self-employed for almost 10 years. It’ll be my 10th year this November 2011 and I can only thank God for sustaining me during my self-employment years and in the years that will follow.

In hindsight, it was a  strategic move on my part career-wise.

In every hat that I wear, I see a need. There is a market for each one for every hat is a necessity. It’s a matter of educating your market about the importance of each hat or how you market yourself as the one who wear that hat.

Every hat is interrelated. When you buy Real Estate, you need Insurance for it. And Investing for long-term goals is also a sound decision to make.

And every hat is seasonal. One doesn’t buy Real Estate every3 months. Sometimes, a person buys once over the course of his lifetime. It’s a lifetime decision. To protect it, he needs insurance every year to maintain it. Investing is a choice and he can choose to do it over a regular period of time or plunk a big lump sum, keep it and let it earn over  a period of time.

So all 3 hats make for a good combination.

That’s why I wear 3 hats.


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