When I first read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, I immediately became a fan as I can relate to his examples. One example is that most of us were schooled in this “traditional” mindset – that one should have a good education which we will use as the “ticket” to a high-paying job after graduation. Unknowingly to most of us, we are being “lured” into this rat race syndrome. In other words, Mr. Kiyosaki’s advocacy is for us to get out of the rat race.

I wish I could already claim to be an expert in this topic but reality bites. I’m still in the midst of getting out in the rat race even if I have already jumped from the Employment quadrant to being a Self-Employed Individual.

See diagram below.

The way I understand it, book implies that to get out of the rat race,  one has to migrate from the Employment (E) state and transfer to Self-Employment (S) until you can move on to become either a Business Owner (B) or to be an Investor (I).

Recently, I discovered and read the Think Rich Pinoy of Larry Gamboa. He offers a way to get out of the rat race by doing Real Estate Investing via foreclosed properties. If you are interested to start with foreclosed properties as your real estate business, I suggest that you buy Larry Gamboa’s book entitled “Think Rich Pinoy” and see if his formula fits your personality and aptitude.

I joined the Think Rich Pinoy Membership Club, to acquaint and train myself with the nuances of Real Estate Investing and “wet my feet” in foreclosed properties. Being a Real Estate Broker myself, I figured the adjustment in terms of learning curve won’t be that difficult anymore. It’s merely a shift from doing Project Selling to doing Foreclosed Properties.

But Real Estate is just one aspect. It is not the be all and end all anyway. There are many ways to get out of the rat race. I also believe that being a Business Owner or an Investor is not for everybody. So even if you are stuck in the Employment and Self-Employed quadrant, does it mean that you are forever stuck in the rat race? For one, you do not have any control in the company you’re working for unless you are the Chairman, CEO or President. No matter how stable the company is, nobody is indispensable.

But maybe it’s all about a paradigm shift. You just have to know how to be a good steward in all areas of your life, including your finances.

But since the rat race refers to the economic and financial aspect of a person’s life, the key is to have a continuing financial education in your lifetime.

That’s why I’m a Freelancer and a cross-seller. I have time to invest in Financial Education.

By mastering it, there is hope in getting out of the rat race.


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