There are countless likes about Freelancing.

Here’s mine based on experience (top of mind for now):

  1. I am my own boss.
  2. I own my time.
  3. I have more choices over projects or opportunities that I can do.
  4. I won’t be fired!
  5. No uniforms!
  6. As a cross-seller, I can earn multiple streams of income.
  7. My world is not limited to certain groups. I get more opportunities to meet new people.
  8. I can attend seminars and trainings I like even on weekdays.
  9. More time with my family especially my nanay.
  10. I can sleep whenever I need it if I lack sleep the night before.
  11. I can do my groceries anywhere, anytime I like.
  12. I don’t have to go home on rush hours.
  13. I can set priorities.
  14. I can focus on what I want.
  15. More time to exercise.
  16. More time to read books.
  17. More time to go online.
  18. More time to Facebook, blog, ebay, tweet and email.
  19. More time to read the Bible.
  20. I can control my diet.
  21. More time and more choices to learn new things.
  22. I can attend auctions.
  23. I can attend project updates, agency meetings. Bonus: Free meals, snacks!
  24. Less stress for me. I can wake up comfortably. I don’t have to beat the rush hour.
  25. More time to clean the house and de-clutter.
  26. I can attend to my clients’ needs immediately.
  27. I have time to cook my favorite dishes!
  28. No need to file birthday leaves! =)
  29. No need to file sick leaves. =)

By the way, I am not painting the freelancer life as a “bed full of roses”. For sure, there are downsides to being a freelancer. Perhaps, one of these days, I’ll come up with another article when I have list down the many things I don’t like about freelancing. But then again, I choose to be positve. Why dwell on the negative?


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